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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Soul Men Layover

Soul Men Layover by bichonphoto
Soul Men Layover, a photo by bichonphoto on Flickr.
The infamous Blues Brothers, Jake Blues (John Belushi) and Elwood Blues (Dan Aykroyd,) dancing and singing their hearts out at the Chicago Midway airport. This photo was taken with the TrueHDR app as it was impossible to get a good exposure with the bright window in the background and the dark subjects. The photo was still dark even using this app. I lightened it up further in the Bad-Camera app by applying a yellowish effect 1 and then applied a grunge effect 2; followed by a transparent edge border. I next took that photo into the Iris app and applied a retro FX effect. My next post will take us back to Tampa Bay photos. I hope you enjoyed our brief Minnesota respite.


  1. Good capture... too funny though! My husband has these two statues, his are about two feet tall, but the same pose.

  2. Thanks Madge. They are quite funny!

  3. Hi Reed...thanks for stopping by Ocala DP and for your kind comments about our Haley. She was one of the great dogs!

    I've been scrolling down through your Minnesota posts and find them fascinating. Lois Anne was born and raised in the Minneapolis area and I spent many years in Willmar, Duluth and Minneapolis...

    Have a great week!


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