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Saturday, November 30, 2013

329/365 Mother and Son.

Theme is relationships. Dramatic B&W was used to create this photo.

328/365 Sunday Feast at the Beach.

Contentment is the theme of the day. Created with Dream Cam HD, PicTapGo, Masque, Blender and ScratchCam.

327/365 Welding Willie.

Imperfect moments is today's theme. Created with Scratchcsm.

326/365 Jack and the Beanstalk

Open space is today's theme. Created with PicFx.

325/365 Urban Survivor.

Boundless spirit is the theme of the day. Created with PicFx.

324/365 Yellow Flower Dreams.

Whimsical is today's theme. Blender and MomentCam used in this photo.

323/365 Man in the Mist.

Photography is the theme and a selfie is very common in modern photography. XnRetro created the look.

322/365 Sad and Happy.

Entertainment is today's theme. This is part of the sign for the Largo Cultural Center. This was taken and created with HDR Pro.

321/365 Saturday Night Laughs.

Special friends is today's theme. Created with Snapseed.

320/365 Yellow Daisy Trees.

Today's theme is color, and this photo features yellow. Unfortunately, I don't remember the apps that created this piece. 

319/365 Fried Goodness

Nourishment is today's theme loosely interpreted. Created with Camera Bag.

318/365 Reed Reflections.

Progress is theme. Vintique and Jazz created this photo.

317/365 Silly in Love.

Unspoken words is the theme of the day. PixlrExpress was used to create this photo.

316/365 Elf in the Mantle.

Theme today is simple pleasures such as an extraordinary find in a stroll through a museum. Created with Booster.

315/365 Ready For the Vets.

Freedom would be today's theme. ProCamera created this photo. 

314/365 Your Will Be Done.

Selfless Acts is today's theme. Vintique was used to make this picture.

313/365 Under the Dome.

Challenges is today's theme, like painting this ceiling of this Greek Orthodox Church in Tampa. LoryStripes and Afterlight were used to create this photo.

312/365 The Piano Guys.

Theme today is R&R. Sitting in the front row. It was awesome and they are fantastic! Check them out on their You Tube channel. This was created with PSExpress and Mextures.

311/365 Sweetness Puppy

Quiet Moments is today's theme. Created with Vintique.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

310/365 Who Loves Pie?

The little things is today's theme like free pie Wednesday. This was created with InstaEffects.

309/365 Uncle Ron's Birthday.

Birthdays is today's theme. Created with Orasis and aremaC.

308/365 Fall's Bounty.

Harvest is theme. Created with Blender, LoryStripes and Vintique.

Monday, November 4, 2013

307/365 You Can't See Me!

Sight is today's theme. Created with Orasis, Booster! and Big Lens.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

306/365 Guitar Grunge.

Today's theme is lesson learned. Created with FotoMuse.

305/365 Lobster From a Bucket.

The theme today is surprises like a great meal with good friends. Orasis and PSExpress created this.

304/365 Boo!

Freightful is today's theme. Created with Phoetic and PicBoost. Happy Halloween!

303/365 Ghoul on the Trail

Today's theme is mask. Created with Juxtaposer and Horror Cam.

302/365 Ancient Spoonbill.

Ghostly is the theme of the day. Created with Horror Cam.

301/365 A Walk Down the Lane.

Wide open is the theme today. Nekid iPhone 5s photo.

300/365 Safety Harbor Sunset.

Theme of the day is spectacular. Created with Photogene 2.

299/365 Fall's Bounty.

Theme today is next to something. Created with FotoMuse.

298/365 Ride Into the Sun.

Follow behind is today's theme. Created with PSExpress.

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