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Saturday, March 15, 2014

59/365 Old Blue Eyes.

The Do I did today is in the middle of the street. This was created with Eye Colorizer.

58/365 Lego Car.

Document your commute was the Do of the day. This was taken with the Lego Photo app.

57/365 Cracker Country.

The Do today for me was something antique. This was taken with See This.

56/365 Crosses on Teal Wall.

The do I created today was accidental art. I used Filterstorm to process this image.

55/365 Swirls and Lines.

Take a picture up a chandelier was today's Do. This was created with gyroLens which straightens all lines in the photo.

54/365 Who's Looking at Who?

The do of the day is to shoot a portrait of someone from the back. This was created with Retouch, which allowed me to clone in extra spectacles.

53/365 Early Iris.

The do I did today was find a flower that is refusing to admit that it's not spring. This was created with SynthCam, which blurs out the background.

52/365 Big Wheel Keep on Spinning

Luminance created this photo. I created a Do of take a photo of a fair at night.

51/364 My Paper Chase.

Do was a career-defining moment, which was passing these four classes. The app today was HDR Fusion, which I found clunky to use and had no extras.

50/365 Retro Roseville.

The do today is show us your retro. This was created with Magic Hour, which allows you to download a lot of filters that people have created like this one.

49/364 Lego Cop Scowl.

Capture genuine emotion was today's do of the day. This was created with Percolator.

48/365 Giants Among Us.

The people were afraid and flailing their arms in the air when the one eyed giant picked up the angel and then gently set her back down again. This is created with label box, with little help from Snapseed.

47/365 Jesus and the Word.

Created with Snapseed. The do of the day is what do you love the most, holding what they love the most.

46/365 Almost Neutrinos.

The do of today was love notes. I found this one on the fridge. Created with 100Cameras.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

45/365 time 4 u.

The Valentine's Do is "I always have time for you" is the new "I love you." This loving moment was created with PictureShow, which I wish they would update so the screen fits the new iPhone.

44/365 Coffee N' Me.

Do today is a perfect moment. Created with PhotoFunia.

43/365 Sunning Ali

Photocopier created this photo and Half-lit by the sun was today's do.

42/365 My Desk.

What does your desk look like is the do of the day on okdothis. Created with Befunky.

41/365 Pink Bayou.

Put a bird on it is the do I did today. The app which created this photo was Juxtaposer.

40/365 Take a Walk.

You may see some beautiful winter flowers. The do of the day is a quote by Louis C.K. ""I'm bored" is a useless thing to say. You live in a big, vast world that you've seen none percent of." This photo was taken and created with Dynamic Light photo app, using the orton filter.

39/365 Quiet! They're Coming!

Photo of me, about 2 years old, with my mom. Not sure what I was looking at. The Do today was take a photo of a photo and tell its story. The camera app I used to create this photo was PhotoWizard.

38/365 Bass Browns.

The do I did today was OK SHOE THIS! Stop and take a picture of your shoes right now. The app used was Best Camera.

37/365 Money Angel.

The do of the day is dare: spill your favorite app editing secret(s) and show the result. The app used was Big Lens.

36/365 Tropical Park.

The Do I did today was parking garages and the photo app was PS Express.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

35/365 Everything But.

The Do I did today was MNML(minimal.) The camera app used was Fx8, which has a lot of cool filters and overlays.

34/365 #Mausoleum.

The do of the day was real life, physical #. The photo app that I used was iCameraHDR.

33/365 Run Horsey Run!

The Do of the day is creatively show who you are rooting for. This was taken and processed in Mill Colour.

32/365 CPK.

The Do that I did today is the logo of your favorite brand. This would be one of my favorite brands. The photo app used was Lo-Mob, which is also one of my favorites.

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