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Monday, May 27, 2013

147/365 Memorial Day Chic.

"You look marvelous!" Today's theme is catch phrase. This photo was created with Adobe Photoshop Touch.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

146/365 Rice Cooker.

Today's theme is in the kitchen. This photo was prepared in Adobe Photoshop Touch. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

145/365 Hot Girl.

Today's theme is her. This hand-painted skateboard was found in the window of a downtown Largo art studio. Apped up in Viewmatic, Over and Repix.

144/365 Sparkle Eye.

Catch Light is the theme of the day. PopAGraph and LensFlare created this photo.

143/365 Magnolia Movie.

133/365 Magnolia Movie. Theme is May flowers. The magnolias bloom in May and they are truly a beautiful, sweetly fragrant, event to behold. Created with InstaEffectHD, Blender and Repix.

142/365 Cloud Walk.

Theme today is clouds. Created with Dynamic Light.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

141/365 Glow.

The perfect gift is the theme. What a gift of a warm reflection on a beautiful day. Created with LensFlare, Segmentix and PhotoToaster.

Monday, May 20, 2013

140/365 St. Petersburg Harbor.

Theme of day is where I live. Created with InstaEffectHD and Shapic.

139/365 Old Black Tires.

129/365 Old Black Tires. Theme today is black. This photo was created in HDR Art, Segmentix and then each of those photos were blended in Blender to soften the HDR photo.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

138/365 Did You Say Pork Lettuce Wraps?

Fresh veggies is today's theme. Brought to you care of Snapseed.

137/365 Evening Stroll.

Walk is the theme and it was a lovely night for a stroll along this lake. Post processed in tadaa.

136/365 Praying with an Angel.

Peaceful moments is the theme. Brought to you by Lo-mob.

135/365 Step by Step.

Be active is the theme. No Finder and Photoforge 2 created this photo.

134/365 Mile Marker 1.

Celebrating Milestones is the theme of the day. This monument greets you as you cross over Tampa Bay into St. Petersburg. PSExpress created this photo using the invert and glitter filter among others.

133/365 Laughing Pony.

Laughing is the theme of the day. Half- tone created this photo. 

132/365 Pure Love.

A Mother's gift is today's theme. PSExpress and iColorama created this photo.

131/365 Monster Me.

Theme is a new focus pn me. No Finder, Blender, iColorama were all used on this photo. 

130/365 Keeping an Eye on the Pier.

The city wants to tear this down and build something called the Lens, which will be a lens that frames the city's relationship to the water. Framed is the theme.  PSExpress and Snapseed.

129/365 Lions in Glass

Animals is today's theme. PSExpress, PhotoFx, Pixlromatic, and Scratchcam 

128/365 Yellow Treats.

Snacks is the theme of the day. Laminar Pro created the look.

127/365 Pullin Taffy.

Candy is the theme of the day. Hipstamatic and Picfx used for the look.

126/365 Rainbow Sorbet.

Crayons = theme of day. Photo Fx used to create photo.

125/365 Fair Lawn.

Bellaire Country Club. Fresh cut grass = theme. PicTapGo

124/364 Sunset at the End of the Earth.

 A Wide Angle = theme. PSExpress

123/365 Caught Leaning on the Shovel.

123/365 Caught Leaning on the Shovel. Orange = theme. PopAGraph with premium filters.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

122/365 Watching Money.

Theme is those eyes. Created in iColorama S.

121/365 Mi I.

#eyelove is the theme. iColorama S created this photo.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

120/365 Basking in the Glory

Theme = Harsh light. Lo-mob with a new superslide.

119/365 Bargain Scanner.

The price is the theme. Polyframe and DistressedFx used to create look.

118/365 Old Laid.

On the floor would be today's theme. This shot is of a new rug at Home Depot. Vintage Scene.

117/365 Colors of Spring.

Fresh is the theme of the day. PopAGraph and Curved Text used to create this photo.

116/365 High Flying.

Today's theme is a fence. This fence is located at the Children's Cancer Center. Its slogan is "Because kids should be flying kites and not fighting cancer." PS Express and HDR Pro Fx.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

115/365 Yellow Lady of the Night.

Spotlight is today's theme. Mill Colour, Rays, Squaready and Laminar Pro.

114/365 Flowers on the Move.

Mobile is the theme. Mill Colour and Snapseed.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Sunday, May 12, 2013

112/365 The Pitch.

Theme is a bow. As he made the pitch, his arm made a wide bow through the air. Created in Lo-Mob.

111/365 Yellow Girl.

Blooming is the theme. Created with Repix, Pro Filter and Blender.

110/365. Lilly.

Theme is white. Painteresque, Jazz, Vintage Cam and Modern Grunge.

109/365 Sunset on Tampa Bay

On the edge = theme. Photo created with Aquarella HD and Wilner Frames.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

108/365 Keeps on Ticking.

Theme = Passed down. This plant was passed down to me by a colleague over five years ago. Cameramatic, FrameMagic and DistressedFx were used to create this photo.

105/364 New Bud.

Sprouts = today's theme. 6x6, PS Express, Dynamic Light and Lo-mob

107/365 Proino.

Theme today is a sign. Look created with PSExpress and PicFx.

Monday, May 6, 2013

106/364 3 Bean Pie.

A pie is the theme. Instacam, Kooleido and Squara created this photo.

104/365 They Came.

Stairs is the theme of the day. PowerCam and PSExpress

103/265 Mello Strings

Today's theme is a feature, which would be these guitars. Effect created with PSExpress, GrungetasticHD and Rollage.

102/365 Golden Light.

A Touch of Yellow is the theme of the day. Prepped in King Camera.

101/365 Good Bones.

Theme= overgrown. Although this house has seen better days, the owner is very nice. Effects created with PaintFx and DistressedFX.

100/365 Magic Centennial.

Theme today is 100. In 2002, Disney made these cute water globes to celebrate 100 years of magic when Walt Disney would have turned 100. Wood camera created the look.

99/365 Flip-Flop.

Ears is theme. Hueless, DramaticB&W and PS Express were used to create this photo.

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