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Monday, February 3, 2014

31/365 Eagle and Butterfly Girl.

Do I created for take a shot of Native American Art. This was shot with 645 Pro.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

30/365 Flowers in the Fog.

Nofinder was camera app but it was not helpful for this assignment, as you can't see the picture that you are taking. Do of the day was shoot through glass but make use of a reflection.

29/365 Corporate Shame.

Do today was a book you can't put down. 6x6 was the photo app, and one that I love.

28/365 Flower Shop.

I created a Do of take a photo of retablo art. Photo was taken with one of my favorite camera apps 6x7.

27/365 The Ascension.

Do of the day was to take a headless portrait. Taken with Camera+.

26/365 I Saw Beyoncé @ Burge.

ProCamera was today's photo app. The Do of the day was a neon sign with broken/missing letters/lights at night.

25/365 Three Wise Men.

Something you never travel with is the Do of the day. PicFx created this photo. This is one of my favorite photo apps.

24/365 Cool Patties.

King Camera created this shot. Okdothis Do of the day is take the shot from directly above the food/drink.

23/365 Digi Portrait.

Take a portrait through something was today's Do. Lens+ was today's photo app, which used to be a great app. However, it hasn't been updated in over a year, and now is creating strange photos with all of these lines and blocks. This happened to work for this particular photo but is not something I want showing up on all of my photos.

22/365 Cold in Florida.

Do today is document the weather without showing the sky. Booster, which allows taking photos through live filters you can modify, was the photo app that was used today.

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