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Thursday, October 31, 2013

297/365 An American Wall.

With stripes is the theme of the day. Created with Bleach Bypass and Photo Toaster.

296/365 Ghost on the Beach.

Mysterious is today's theme. Created with HDR Pro, Retouch and EyeEm.

295/365 Zombie Moon.

Theme today is dark. Created with iPhoto and PixlrExpress+.

294/365 Champagne Violets

Blades and bokeh is today's theme. Created with Bokehful.

293/365 Pops in the Park.

Theme today is starts with a P. Taken with Pro HDR.

292/365 Fallen on a Crack.

Golden is today's theme. Taken with Hipstamatic.

291/365 Waiting on the Departed.

Patient is the theme of the day. Created with Pixlromatic. 

290/365 Not So Straight Whiskey.

A unique angle is the theme. Created with XnRetro.

289/365 Evening Stroll.

Forgotten is the theme. I had forgotten how nice a walk on the beach at sunset can be. Naked iPhone 5s photo.

288/365 Night Box.

Creepy is theme. Blender and Fotomuse.

287/365 Indian Scout

Taken at World Wide Photo Walk in Ybor City. Theme is around the corner. Created with Blender and PixlrExress.

286/365 Holy Ground.

Tradition is the theme. This church is one of the oldest, continuous in service, buildings in Pinellas County. Photo created with PixlrExpress.

285/365 Game Night.

Theme is close. This is a close-up of a custom Clue game. Photo4phone and Phonto were used to create this photo.

284/365 Kissed From the Curb

Theme is pulling. Mill Colour created this photo.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

283/365 Trapped in a Digital Web.

Today's theme was spider webs. Created with Blender.

282/365 Ready For Flight

Practicing is today's theme. Created with Snapseed.

281/365 Reflections From a Dirty Window.

Today's theme is mirror reflection. Created with a window photo and a brick wall photo merged in Blender and then jazzed up in Jazz.

280/365 Gnarly Heads.

Today's theme is repetition. Created with Blender.

279/365 Tiled Tomatoes.

Harvest is the theme of the day. Created in Blender with grocery store veggies and texture of tiled wall photo.

278/365 Ybor Queen.

Today's theme is two become one. Sign photo and texture photos combined in PS Touch and Snapseed. These photos were taken as part of The Worldwide Photo Walk, which for me was in Ybor City, Florida.

277/365 Tropical Storm.

Stormy is today's theme. Created with XnRetro.

276/365 Cup of Joe.

My ordinary is the theme. Created with Photo4phone, Square Ready and Curved Text.

275/365 Autumn Wheat.

Seasonal colors is today's theme. Created with Hipstamatic, 100 Cameras and PicTapGo.

274/365 Spider Golf

Cemetery markers have gotten very fancy. Hats off is the theme today. Created with Distressed Fx and Afterlight.

273/365 Gone Home.

The end is the theme today. Created with Dramatic B&W.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

272/365 Margo Vogue.

The theme today is puppy dog eyes. Created with Big Lens. 

271/365 Incognito Selfie.

In disguise was today's theme. This was created with Bleach Bypass.

270/365 Mr. Wizard

Bubbles was today's theme. Created with, Bokehful and HDR Fx Pro.
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